Here’s my list.  Crossed off means I accomplished it but doesn’t mean I’ll stop doing it.

I will continue:

  • writing a daily list of 10 items in my gratitude journal (don’t always write, but do reflect each night)
  • 50 Random Acts of Kindness (I’m sure this happened, I just didn’t mark them all down)
  • Volunteer 50+ hours (Special Olympics-Jan; WFTR, Food Fest, Noque, etc.)
  • Vote in every election (Of Course!)
  • Trying new recipes (50 maybe?  Did try cooking w/bean sprouts two days ago–see 5 vegetables a day below)
  • Read books (40ish)

Be healthy:

  • 5 vegetables a day (better but not always)
  • 650 intentional miles of walking/running for my Run 2018 Team (officially over 600 but then realized my 2 mile loop is actually 3 so I’m sure I walked 650)
  • 5K race (nope)
  • 50 push-ups daily (Started this but stopped for some reason)
  • Kayak at least 10x this summer (a few times(
  • Choose my bike or walking over the car (not as much as I should’ve)
  • 50+ minutes outside at least 5x a week (walking the dog helped but still needs work)


  • playing tennis (no but tried Pickleball and loved it!)
  • How to change oil on a car (Yes)
  • Sewing (Nope still need to unpack the machine I bought over a (2) year ago)
  • Planning the neighborhood block party (Soup w/new neighbors after Christmas)
  • Posting to my blog (50x this year) which will also keep me accountable (Ah no…)
  • Write letters/notes to friends (yes I did a few of these and included old pics even)
  • Invite friends over every 4-6 weeks for dinner/games (new house is great for cards!)


  • the violin (with Ali’s help) Does trying it once count?
  • to crochet (no)
  • some foreign language (no)
  • a dance (Salsa anyone?)


  • the trails in South Marquette (once)
  • Hogsback (weather issues but it’s on the list again)
  • The Iron Heritage Trail from Ish. to Mqt.
  • Brockway Mountain Drive
  • Triple A to see the fall colors


  • 250+ miles to spend time with Lisa (Vegas baby!)
  • Mackinac Island (Yes with the girls!)
  • Duluth (a few times)
  • Niagara Falls and hopefully NYC
  • The backroads of my childhood/teen years (planned for 2019 summer w/friend)


  • Colonoscopy (Yup and good for another 10 years)
  • Pedicure (Mother’s Day this year?)
  • Facial: my bday present last year

With Todd:

  • watch a horror movie with him (Pet Semetary is his choice)
  • Jump off Blackrocks  (Yes, thanks Todd, Cathy and Jackie for joining me)
  • Schedule weekly date nights (again)
  • Drive the Razor instead of always being a passenger
  • Shoot Archery


  • Skydive with Ali to celebrate her transition to adulthood (it’s still on our lists)
  • Zipline

Because I can and just want to:

  • plant 50 gladiola bulbs (yes at the old house so need to do this at new house)
  • Watch 50 sunsets/sunrises
  • Purge 50 items at once (We moved!  Who doesn’t purge then?!)
  • Smile more
  • Binge watch an entire series of a show, undecided on which one still (Series 1 of Handmaid’s Tale)

Celebrate my Lucky 50 with some family and friends on Friday the 13th. It was awesome!