A year ago, I wrote about my almost-40-year friendship with Lisa. Yesterday I visited with Lisa again, along with another classmate who I hadn’t seen since high school. Numerous times Bill and I tried unsuccessfully to arrange for a quick lunch or drink when I’ve travelled out West. This past January our schedules finally worked until I my missed connection in Detroit ruined our three-hour window. So when Lisa texted me on July 4 that both she and Bill would be in town later in the month, I immediately checked my calendar only to find out I would be out of town except for a few hours on Sunday. I kept my fingers crossed and Lisa kept me posted.

Yesterday, for a little under two hours we reconnected. Our conversation covered everything from jobs, romance, sports, children, Burning Man, to life in the UP and our parents. During this time, two specific moments defined why Bill and Lisa are in my life even though distance separates us.

Bill’s comment, “I haven’t seen any blog posts lately from either of you.” and Lisa’s question, “Have you been running?” provided that little extra push (and guilt) to move me from thoughts to action. I have a list of blog post ideas, including one about how I became a runner this past spring, but then I clean the bathroom, do the laundry, water the flowers, walk the dog, check social media, enjoy the sunshine, visit with family and friends, and continue to postpone the writing, and running.

Not anymore though. Last night I mentioned to Todd about registering for a race with Lisa in September. After going for a quick run this morning, I’m making it a priority to write this post before work invades my free time this week.  I revisited my blog post list and added to it too. All because two people, two people I rarely see, know me well enough to make a comment and ask a simple question. This is why I don’t let distance and time separate us. This is why I call them friends (and motivators). Thanks!

PS—Lisa, waiting for your post with the picture.