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60th Bday

60th birthday smile

Today Uncle Dave would have turned 62. Instead he’s in Heaven. I miss him but not as much as I expected. Maybe it’s all the memories I still have or the busy life I lead. I really don’t know. I did think of him when I first woke up, during my morning walk, as I wrote the date on my classroom whiteboard, when I saw a colleague at lunch, as I drove to Ishpeming then visited with a friend and on my way home again. I wondered what words, if any, would push me to write. As I checked Facebook fifteen minutes ago, there was no urge to type. Then I read my cousin’s wife’s blog Demystifying Special Education.

At Uncle Dave’s funeral Johnny said his wife and I are similar. I agreed and after reading her post tonight, I agree even more. Thank you Chris for giving my feelings words today. As I read the post I was reminded of all the lessons I learned from Uncle Dave. Sure I may deserve the sibling thank yous, but today, on Dave’s birthday, I want to thank him for teaching me patience, flexibility, sensitivity, tolerance, understanding, perseverance, loyalty and unconditional love.