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One of my least favorite teacher tasks is designing bulletin boards. Tonight after reading an article on how to build gratitude in the classroom, I decided to Google gratitude bulletin board ideas. I found plenty with Fall/Thanksgiving themes: Turkey feathers. Colorful leaves. Seeds (of thanks).   What happened next inspired this blog post. I wanted to do a gratitude bulletin board after Thanksgiving and through much of December, but I came to the following realization: December is the “Wish List” month. Huh.

How can we so quickly move from giving thanks for what we have to wanting more? How many of us complain about the Christmas displays arriving earlier and earlier each year? Is Santa even ready for us to be thinking about our wish lists? Do we even have time to give thanks if we need our wish list ready not by Black Friday but by Halloween?

I’m going ahead with plans to have my students focus on having a gratitude attitude not a wish-list, gratitude-dissing attitude in December. I think I’ll start with being grateful I have a bulletin board idea.