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September 2 (First Day of School).

Write about one piece of technology that you would like to try this year,and why. You might also write about what you’re hoping to see out of thisedtech integration.

First day of school and I can’t seem to focus my mind at 6 am.  Not only am I a teacher, excited about the first day of school, but I’m a mom of two girls.  This year they will both be attending high school.  I’m looking forward to the short drive to my school and having control of the radio in the car again, even if it is only a 5-8 minute drive.

As I think about technology this year, I can’t help but be overwhelmed. There’s soooo much out there, and I want to try it all.  To keep myself grounded and not jumping on every app, website, teacher tech tool that passes, I remind myself continuously, “technology is a tool but so is a pencil or pen.”  For the past two years, my classroom included a set of ipads (20 then 40).  Each year I try to incorporate them as tools for my students’ learning.  Last year I focused on Google drive, Edmodo and Eli Review (as part of a state-wide pilot project).  This year I’ll continue improving my use of these tools for my students.

My biggest stumbling block is, after years of having a desktop computer in my room and still having one, I find I default to the desktop to take attendance, etc.  This locks me into one place instead of being mobile. This year, I want to expand my use of the iPad as a tool.  One trick will be to project the iPad to my ceiling-mounted data projector.  I know about AirServer but haven’t worked with the district’s IT department to get it installed on my desktop.  That’s one of the first priorities I have this year.  Others will come my way, especially as I place the iPads in the hands of my students and have them explore with me and I as I explore teachthought’s App page I just found. 🙂

Oh and I also plan to get back on Twitter in the near future.