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I guess I don’t think I have enough colors in my hat so I’ve decided to become a member of  NWP’s #clmooc http://blog.nwp.org/clmooc/ this summer.  Technology is a part of my hat that, like most other parts, acts more as yarn than an actual piece of material.  As my initial blog post explains, I don’t believe I can wear just one hat at a time, and the more I reflect upon this, the more I believe my hat of many colors is a knitted hat, with some yarns being thicker, brighter and more abundant than others.   That being said, technology is probably not as pronounced as some other yarns, but it still is quite obvious.

My interest in technology started in high school (mid 1980’s) and learning how to program the Apple IIe computer so it would draw a smiley face (with glasses for extra credit of course).  When I returned to college for my education degree in the early 1990’s, I used HyperCard to make a MadLibs game.  As a new teacher, my students I continued with HyperStudio and built stacks on South American countries instead of the typical written report.  I loved playing with the technology and building something new.  I still remember when I played with a free webpage builder from Scholastic that resulted in a call from my school district’s IT department.  Luckily, my building principal at the time supported teachers trying new ideas and took the heat for me.

Nowadays, I feel overwhelmed sometimes with all the technology out there to help me and my students create, so I’m hoping #clmooc will help me discover a few gems and be a deliberate digital crafter (thanks to Troy Hicks and his newest book for reminding me to be deliberate).